Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Update 2 - Wednesday June 3rd

These are tiny hammocks.

This hammock can hold 30 people.

Bananas grow here.

This is the lake.

This is what the streets look like.

There are tiny turtles here.

These are volcanic rocks.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

First Week in Nicaragua

This is what I saw in the first week.

This is me and my sister at the airport in Miami Florida.

We rode in the back of trucks.

This is my garden.

There are parrots and rabbits here.

At an art store we can feed the rabbits carrots. The rabbits ate half the bag of carrots.

This is the view from a volcano named Mombacho.

There is an iguana on the rock in my back alley.

This is what the stop sign says and what the streets look like in Granada Nicaragua.
This is a mandarin orange that my dad found growing on a tree.  I ate the mandarin orange with my dad. It tasted like an orange but a little different.

This is the playground.

This is me and my sister playing at the playground.
People are celebrating a religious holiday. There was lots of music playing and parades and loud noises that were bombs going off! They weren't real bombs, just celebration bombs!

I'll send you another link next week. Please send me an update of what's going on at school.